20 Books of Summer Challenge 2019

I’ve been very absent from my blog for the last couple of months due to the stresses of my third year of university. As I have now finished, I have decided to start blogging again. The biggest regret of my third year is that I haven’t been able to read for pleasure owing to the amount of reading I have had to do for my dissertation and other units. To get back into reading, what could be better than a reading challenge?

The 20 Books of Summer challenge hosted by Cathy of 746books.com is perfect, as a result of the ultra-flexible rules of the challenge. Even though you have the option of 10, 15, and 20 books, what’s the point if you don’t at least attempt 20 (if not more!)

The fun part of the challenge is deciding which books I will include in my list of 20. Whilst I could have chosen a theme, I have decided to choose books off of my ever-growing TBR list, books that I have wanted to read for a while but have yet to have the chance. These are books that I did not get to read in school and books that I have previously found too daunting to attempt! I will not necessarily read them in the order I have written them down in, but I will update you all on my progress with book reviews!

The challenge finishes 3rd September, meaning that I have 3 months to read my very own variety of novels. They all vary in terms of content and length so this should be an interesting couple of months.

My List:

1. The Hobbit- J.R.R. Tolkien

2. A Game of Thrones- George R.R. Martin

3. The Host- Stephanie Meyer

4. Animal Farm- George Orwell

5. Chasing the Dead- Tim Weaver

6. A Study in Scarlet- Arthur Conan Doyle

7. Tuesdays with Morrie- Mitch Albom

8. Jude the Obscure- Thomas Hardy

9. Wide Sargasso Sea- Jean Rhys

10. The Catcher in the Rye- J.D. Salinger

11. The Scarlet Letter- Nathaniel Hawthorne

12. The Divine Comedy- Dante Alighieri

13. The picture of Dorian Gray- Oscar Wilde

14. Of Mice and Men- John Steinbeck

15. One of Us is Lying- Karen M. McManus

16. Dark Sacred Night- Michael Connelly

17. Gulliver’s Travels- Jonathan Swift

18. Never Let Me Go- Kazuo Ishiguro

19. How to Say Goodbye- Katy Colins

20. The Crucifix Killer- Chris Carter

Have any of you read any of the novels on my list? Are there any you think I should begin with, or any you think I will regret reading?

Are any of you taking part in this challenge, or another reading challenge? Let me know and keep me updated in the comments!

Here’s to all of your summer reading!

Charlotte x

6 thoughts on “20 Books of Summer Challenge 2019

  1. Thanks for sharing your book list! Will definitely look into them when I need books recommendation! Meantime, do check out my blog as well. I write book summaries and share my travel diary. Cheers.

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